Don’t have time to listen to the entire audio companion? Want to listen again to your favorite part?  Find just what you’re looking for with these timestamps:

:56  – Prayer with Alan Hommerding

2:35 – Nada Te Turbe (Taizé)

6:52 – Take from My Heart (Notre Dame Folk Choir)

12:00 – Guest Interview: Counselor Debbie Sheets talks about dealing with our own stresses while serving others during this time.

18:45 – Start of 5/4 featured songs

19:05 – God Remembers (Wren/Haugen)

22:13 – In the Morning, In the Evening (Tice/Gaunt)

26:00 – And Jesus Said (Murray/Alonso/de Silva)

32:00 – Pieta: The Silence and the Sorrow (Lawton)

36:43 – We Cannot Measure How You Heal (Bell/Maule)

40:44 – Interlude News/Announcements & a Blessing from the Cathedral Singers, under the direction of John Bell


  1. Raquel

    Do you have any hymns we can share to our church Facebook page? Our church is not providing Mass online and our Facebook page has been our only avenue to keep our parishioners connected. Do you have any hymns for the Spanish language choirs?

    • Sarah Wolf

      Thanks for posting! You can try our Youtube page There, we have many videos of songs with the sheet music in the video to follow along. You can share the links on Facebook. There are quite a few selections there in Spanish (mostly from Tony Alonso’s Caminemos con Jesus collection.) Hope that helps you!

  2. Martina Rangel

    thanks for everything

  3. Ramil A

    This is very wonderful. I am working from home and I play this over and over. The format of the audio companion is perfect. I will recommend “In the morning, in the evening” at our parish. Thank you very much and may God bless you all.

    • Sarah Wolf

      I am SO glad you are enjoying it! We will be doing another very soon!


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