Don’t have time to listen to the entire audio companion? Want to listen again to your favorite part?  Find just what you’re looking for with these timestamps:

1:04  – “Glorify Him by Your Life” (Lorraine Hess)

3:48 – “Higher Praise” (Craig Colson)

7:35 – “We Will Be the Light” (John Angotti)

11:00 – “Gathered in Your Name” (Mikey Needleman)

14:55 – “Set the World on Fire” (Noelle Garcia)

18:45 – “We Are Filled with Joy” (W. Clifford Petty)



  1. Teresa Skierkowski, SCC

    Great uplifting music for a moment in time that we so desperately need! Thank you for sharing this music with us.


  2. Gloria M Peet

    Fantastic it was so refreshing to hear this uplifting music thanks so much. We sure need this especially when we can’t get together to sing like that yet. God bless and keep on sending us music like these.



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