Victory Is Ours

Text by Desmond Tutu

Music by Thomas Keesecker

Alan writes, “During the turbulent weekend of May 30/31, this piece of music kept singing in my head. Written in response to the Paris bombings in 2015, Tom’s powerful setting of Archbishop Tutu’s potent words of faith and trust has the songs of the civil rights era as a musical model.”

Suite Inspiration: Organ Pieces Inspired by Master Composers

By Edward Eicker

Alan says, “Though he was born the year I graduated from high school, Ed Eicker is the liturgical composer I want to be when I grow up. I’ve conducted his choral music, played his piano and organ works, but will have to say that this suite written in the style of master composers is a favorite.”

St. Cecilia's Orchestra

By Michael O’Neill McGrath & Alan J. Hommerding


Alan writes, “Getting to work with Br. Mickey on this book was (and continues to be) a great source of personal, artistic, and spiritual satisfaction. We had a wonderful time going around the world with St. Cecilia, learning how different instruments give praise to God!”

Hail, Mary

By Ann Celeen Dohms

Alan remembers, “I first sang this piece as an alto choirboy. Ann Celeen Dohms was my first choir director, organ teacher and became a life-long mentor and friend. What a joy it was, years later, when I called her from my editor’s desk to tell her that this lovely, evocative prayer was going to be published.”

This Joyful Eastertide: Easter Hymns for Flute and Piano

By Kathleen M. Basi

Alan writes, “Though I am, on a good day, an average flutist, these delightful arrangements of Easter hymns make me want to practice. An excellent flutist, Kathleen Basi knows how to write in a challenging but ultimately gratifying way for her instrument. These pieces brim with Easter joy.”

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