Starting a GIA Book Club

Virtually or in-person, the GIA BOOK CLUB is a wonderful fellowship opportunity for choirs, NPM or AGO chapters, and other groups bound by their love of music!
Each month the GIA Book Club will feature a book and provide free, downloadable packets for facilitators and participants to guide you through the book and through the planning and execution of the book club gathering. In addition, we will provide editable slides (compatible with PowerPoint or Google Slides) that can be utilized by screen share during a Zoom meeting.
Books may be read in any order or you may select only the books that appeal to your group. Once introduced, downloads will continue to be available. See below for book purchase options.

October’s Pick!

(National Book Month)

The Gift of Song by Alice Parker


Explore this book of beautifully detailed and thought-provoking essays by world-renown composer and conductor Alice Parker!

Alice beckons us to return to the natural state of singing, moving beyond the scientific precision of the printed page to uncover the core of creative expression.  She reveals the true importance of our voices, encouraging all of us to open our ears and then our mouths to express our common humanity.

Just 57 pages, yet packed full of depth of understanding and wisdom, this is an ideal book to kick-off your book club! Great for choirs, NPM or AGO chapters, or any group who loves music!

See below for links to free downloadable resources!

Purchase books for your club!



  • The facilitator/group may purchase books for the entire group (paid for by the group or by individual members) and then distribute them. (Contactless pick-up via “drive-thru” or by putting books in labeled bags in an accessible area of the church/school, etc…) **WHEN YOU PURCHASE 10 COPIES OR MORE, USE THE PROMO CODE: GIFTOFSONG TO RECEIVE 10% OFF. OFFER GOOD UNTIL OCTOBER 31, 2020.

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