November’s Pick!

Where God Hides

by Liam Lawton

In this moving exploration of the path to understanding God’s presence, Liam Lawton considers how we can bring spiritual awakening and consolation into our lives, in every circumstance.

With the wisdom of the Book of Ecclesiastes – “There is a time for everything, and a season for everything under the sun” – Fr. Liam begins his journey of reflection and contemplation.

Over the course of the book, Liam shares remarkable stories of human life and of the people and events that have touched him during his years of ministry, along with fascinating perspectives on his own spiritual awakening.  Here are stories of pain and beauty, challenge and consolation, but, above all, inspiration.

With fourteen chapters filled with story and song, we recommend reading and discussing this book over the course of multiple book club sessions. The subject matter fits beautifully with the Advent season and is sure to encourage much discussion and story sharing.

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How to Start a GIA Book Club!

Virtually or in-person, the GIA BOOK CLUB is a wonderful fellowship opportunity for choirs, NPM or AGO chapters, and other groups bound by their love of music!

Each month the GIA Book Club will feature a book and provide free, downloadable packets for facilitators and participants to guide you through the book and through the planning and execution of the book club gathering. In addition, we will provide editable slides (compatible with PowerPoint or Google Slides) that can be utilized by screen share during a Zoom meeting.

Books may be read in any order or you may select only the books that appeal to your group. Once introduced, downloads will continue to be available. See above for book purchase options. See below for previously featured books.

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