When we feel the world around us has erupted into chaos, we must look to Christ’s teachings, guiding us to protect and support the infirm, the abused, the forgotten, the lonely, and the unjustly persecuted. Though it is a small gesture, GIA would like to offer support in the way we know best – through music.

The hymns and songs that follow are available here for free download through September 1, 2020. We realize that this gesture can only hope to offer a small measure of comfort. However, we also know that music and the poetry of certain texts can help us pray. It is our hope that these songs will help you process all that is happening and begin to heal the wounds within.

“In Words of Truth” 
Text by Adam M. L. Tice | Tune: INTERCESSOR
“We Sing for Those Whose Song Is Silent”
Text by John L. Bell | Tune: WER NUR DEN LIEBEN GOTT
“Light Dawns on a Weary World”
Text by Mary Louise Bringle | Tune: TEMPLE OF PEACE by William Rowan
“Rise Again”
By Christian Cosas
“We Will Meet”
By John L. Bell