Preparing for Homecoming Sunday – Conversations 1–6

Preparing for Homecoming Sunday Conversation #1: Raising Children and Forming Families in a Virtual Faith Community.

This conversation features guests Jenn Fiduccia and (composer) James Wahl. 

In this conversation, you’ll discover wonderful suggestions for engaging children of all ages in worship while at home.

Preparing for Homecoming Sunday Conversation #2: “Where is God in all this?” Exploring spiritual questions in a time of pandemic.

This conversation features spiritual director Sue Garthwaite in conversation with GIA editor Kate Williams. Together, they explore the spiritual questions that arise in challenging times.

Preparing for Homecoming Sunday Conversation #3: “Will it all be different?” Ministry Considerations from a Healthcare Perspective.

This conversation features Dr. Jerry Galipeau, Exec. Director of Mission Integration, and Dr. David Shapiro, a surgical critical care physician, (both of St. Francis Medical Center in CT)  exploring practical questions related to the HEALTH of our communities as we return to public worship. 

Preparing for Homecoming Sunday Conversation #4: “Taste and see?” The sensory experience of liturgy in an age of virtual worship. 

This conversation features guests Vicki Klima and Fr. Michael Joncas as they explore the questions: If sensory input is at the core of our sacramental experience, what does virtual worship do to our expectations? How can we develop sensory-rich prayer practices in our homes?  and more.

Preparing for Homecoming Sunday Conversation #5: Lessons from the front lines: What pastoral ministers can learn from hospital chaplaincy.

This conversation features chaplain Matthew Brophy and explores how spiritual care providers have adapted their practices in order to continue their service to the sick, the dying, and the families of those affected by COVID-19.

Preparing for Homecoming Sunday Conversation #6: Lessons from the front lines: What pastoral ministers can learn from campus ministry.

This conversation features guests John Flaherty (Loyola Marymount), Chris de Silva (Loyola Marymount), and Julianne Wallace (Alvernia University). They share how their experiences in current campus ministry might inspire new ideas in faith communities.

Featured Resource | For Grief, Anxiety, and Healing

In many different ways, we are all experiencing grief and anxiety during this time of uncertainty. Here, you will find music and prayer resources to help lead us through the darkness and into a place of healing.

Scroll down to see artwork from Brother Michael O’Neill McGrath, available on notecards and mass cards. Click on the image for more information.







Tune My Heart

By University of Notre Dame Folk Choir, directed by Steven Warner



Window to Peace

By Jerry Galipeau & Denise LaGiglia



Featured Resource | Easter in Ireland

A beautiful way to celebrate the Easter Season!

GIA Publications, Inc. is pleased to offer Easter in Ireland, our first recording by Steve Warner and The Newman Vocare Ensemble, music ministers at the Notre Dame-Newman Centre for Faith and Reason in Dublin, Ireland.

This album offers a taste of the rich fabric of sounds found in Ireland. It is a merging of traditions: four-part choral singing; Uilleann pipes, low whistle, harp and harmonium; strings, organ and guitar. All of the selections are directed toward the joy of Easter.

The available octavos and downloads include choral anthems, hymns, refrain songs, psalmody, and liturgical items for use in any parish. This recording also honors one of the newest and most celebrated saints, St. John Henry Cardinal Newman, who commissioned the building of University Church, home to the Newman Vocare Ensemble and site of this recording.

Go behind the scenes during the recording of Easter in Ireland!

Click below to listen to NPM’s Ministry Monday podcast featuring Steve Warner!

Available on CD

or as a MP3 Download

Featured Resources | For Guided Prayer at Home


The service of Compline derives its name from the Latin word completorium meaning “completion.” It is a prayer of quietness and reflection and is most effective following the completion of one’s daily work. Compline is perhaps the easiest prayer to add to your daily prayer life as it takes place right before bedtime.

As Nighttime Falls is an attempt to bring the richness of Compline Prayer to a wider audience. This collection contains one complete compline service for each day of the week. Each prayer lasts about 15–20 minutes and includes an introduction, an examination of conscience, a hymn, psalmody, a scripture reading, a responsory, the Canticle of Simeon, a concluding prayer, and a blessing. Finally, each day concludes with the beautiful antiphon to the Blessed Virgin Mary, “Salve Regina.”

The enchanting Celtic charm of the hymn selections and psalms in this collection will engage you and draw you into this rich tradition of the church. At the end of each day let As Nighttime Falls offer you a way to give gratitude for the beauty and wonder of God.


Hear the story behind this resource from composer Ian Callanan.

Full Music Collection

Assembly Edition

CD Recording

Digital Download

The rosary, a form of prayer that is currently experiencing a resurgence, reflects on the four mysteries during the recitation of each decade. This 2-cd set contains all four mysteries of the Holy Rosary. Liam Lawton employs his sermonic prowess, providing brief reflections after the introduction of each mystery. He also incorporates some of his most beloved music to further enrich this devotional practice. 

Led by Liam and prayed by the cloistered Poor Clare Sisters of St. Clare’s Monastery, The Rosary: The Mysteries of Life can be used in both personal or communal prayer and offers a convenient way to pray whether you’re driving in your car, on a walking meditation, or simply sitting at home.


Feature Article | LA Religious Education Congress 2020

The Religious Education Congress, sponsored by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Office of Religious Education, is a HUGE annual gathering. In fact, it is the largest annual gathering of Roman Catholics in the United States.

The diversity of this conference is astounding. In 2020, Congress offered eleven different liturgies of different character! Over 300 workshops (in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese) were offered by 200 speakers! The exhibit hall showcased 531 booths!

GIA and WLP are proud sponsors of workshops, liturgies, and performances each year with 2020 being extra special as Tony Alonso’s “Vive la Misericordia, Vive la Santidad / Live Mercy, Be Holy” was chosen as the Congress theme song.

If you have attended, you know how amazing this conference is. If you have never been, make plans to join us February 21-23, 2021 in Anaheim!


Enjoy some photos from this year’s Congress below. If you’d like to see video footage of various events, including parts of Tony Alonso’s Caminemos con Jesús concert, head to the GIA Facebook Page by clicking here or the WLP Facebook page here.

Featured Resource | Easter with Organ & Brass

If you are blessed to have organ, brass, and perhaps timpani for Easter celebrations, don’t miss these hymn-based resources!